For Andy Blair, a 56-year-old Michigan man, having his life saved by an AED turned out to be quite the family affair.

Back in February, Blair was helping prepare for an event at his local community center. Everything was going smoothly, and he decided to go grab himself a slice of pizza.

The next thing he knew, he was in an ambulance.

Blair had suffered sudden cardiac arrest, with an emphasis on the “sudden.” He said later that he had felt completely fine the whole day, and had even passed his physical just a few months before.

As far as he knew, he was in good health.

Luckily, Blair’s son Michael saw his father collapse in the hallway, and knew exactly what to do.

He quickly ran and grabbed a nearby AED, and three shocks later, had gotten his father’s heart started again.

Cardiologist Mark Meengs, MD, said that had it not been for the AED, Andy Blair would almost certainly be dead. In fact, he WAS dead for a couple minutes before he was revived by his son.

But wait, there’s more. Who was it who was responsible for having that very AED installed just months before?

Why, it was Cindy Blair, Andy’s wife. Little did she know that it would soon mean the difference between life and death for her husband.

Five bypasses later, Andy has just about fully recovered from his major scare. He was very thankful that he was able to attend his son’s wedding a couple weeks later.

And yes, that’s the same son who saved his life.