Here’s a creative solution for increasing the visibility of AEDs: The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is putting on an art contest to encourage local artists to design eye-catching signs for ten AEDs.             

It’s an interesting thing to think about. How many AEDs do you walk by every day? If there was an emergency, would you be able to immediately locate one?

For many of us, seeing emergency supplies hanging on the wall has become somewhat common, whether it’s an AED, a fire extinguisher, or a first aid kit. It’s easy for these things to just become part of the scenery.

This can be a pretty big problem if you actually need one. An AED doesn’t do anyone a whole lot of good if nobody knows where it is, or if no one thinks to use it. \

This is the problem that the city of Sioux Falls is hoping to fix. Having artists design signs could prove to be the perfect solution.

Think about it. Now there’s not only a big white box on the wall, but it’s got this big, colorful, eye-catching sign around it screaming out for your attention.

That’s going to be pretty hard for you to miss, and when the moment of truth comes, you can bet that you’ll remember exactly where that AED is.

And by the way, Sioux Falls artists aren’t just getting the chance to help their community. Whoever submits the top design will also get a $500 prize.

So if you’re in the Sioux Falls area, you have until May 19 to submit your drawing. People of all ages have already gotten started, so get over to the contest Facebook page for more info.