At AEDs Today, we care about trying to get AEDs into as many places as possible. And that’s not just because it would be good for business.

It’s pretty simple: The more AEDs there are in public places, the greater the chance that someone who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) will be saved.

And if that reason alone isn’t enough to convince you to purchase an AED for your business, we’ve got some more.

Refurbished AEDs are affordable

We understand. Purchasing a new AED is a sizable investment for many companies. Plenty of business owners will look at the cost of a new AED and then decide it just isn’t worth the money.

Two problems with that:

First, exactly how much is the chance to save a life worth?

Two, you don’t actually have to spend thousands of dollars on an AED!

When you hear the phrase “refurbished AED,” you may just hear “used AED” or “old AED that was sort of fixed up a little.” This could not be farther from the truth.

Quite often, refurbished AEDs have never even been used.

When a company decides that it’s time for them to upgrade their old AED to a new one, they’ll send the old one back. More often than not, these companies have never actually used the AED, meaning that all it takes is a little bit of routine maintenance to make them as good as new!

Well, almost as good as new. That price never gets quite as high as it once was. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing a refurbished AED instead of a new one.

It pays to be prepared

Here’s a question: Is anyone in your office going to go into sudden cardiac arrest anytime in the next few weeks?

What do you mean you don’t know?

Sudden cardiac arrest is sudden. While some people may be at higher or lower risk, it is still something that can affect anyone at any time.

So if your logic for not having an AED around is “We haven’t ever needed one,” we have two things to say to that.

1. We hope you never do.

2. If you’re waiting until you need an AED to buy one, then you’re waiting too long.

An AED should be used as soon as possible after SCA, with the survival rate dropping to less than 5% if it takes more than ten minutes.

It takes much longer than ten minutes to buy an AED, so waiting until you need it is not a good idea.

Anyone can use it

CPR training and AED training are both something that everyone should participate in at some point in their lives, hopefully more than once.

But neither of them are required to use an AED.

If you’ve never used an AED or seen one in action, it may be quite surprising to see the extent to which it walks you through the entire process.

Check out this video of a LIFEPAK AED in action.

Obviously, it would still be very beneficial to be familiar with the process, but in a pinch, someone who has never used an AED could do it successfully.