For an AED to be effective, it has to be easy enough to use that pretty much anyone can use it. A lifesaving device doesn’t do anyone a whole lot of good if it can only be used by a few people.

It is for this very reason that most AEDs will walk you through the entire process.

Still, even knowing that, the thought of actually using one to save someone can be intimidating. What if the instructions are unclear? What if you forget something?

Fortunately, just seeing an AED in action can help alleviate some of that intimidation. Once you see how easy the process really is, you can have the confidence to leap into action if you see someone who needs help.

Check out this demonstration video from the experts at AEDs Today, as we show you how to use the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED.

As you can see, the AED walks you through the entire process, even going so far as telling you exactly where to apply the electrodes and when you should start and stop CPR.

More importantly, it also determines whether or not the person actually needs to be shocked so you don’t have to worry about giving an unnecessary shock.

So if you see someone in trouble, have the confidence to grab the nearest AED and save a life!